these are my lessons

this list is in no way in order of importance. I have just thrown them out there in an attempt to hopefully reach y’all what you’ve probably not been taught before. Also this is a broad list, there are no directives to each subject.

Just thought the New Years is coming so I may as well reflect a lil’ bit about what I’ve learned in TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEEENNNN…

When it comes to getting sh*t done, be time efficient & time realistic.

  • I would always assume that I would be able to finish my work load on a matter of 2-4 hours and be shocked to find that I end up spending 2-4 days working on it.

No. Your diary does not have to be written in every single day.

  • When it came to writing in my diary, I always thought writing in my diary every single day as the correct way to write.

This gradually became a chore rather than doing it because I genuinely wanted to. It felt forced.

Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing.

  • Over the past year, I borrowed money to people as if I was a bank. I’m not saying that I won’t be doing it again, but I understand the importance of not lending money to unreliable people (just being honest)

Be careful what you allow enter your eye gates

  • When my uncle was teaching me to drive I he would always tell me to never look at the vehicles on the other side of the road because where my eyes were focused on was where I was going to be heading. This is like life, if we keep our eyes on positive / negative things, we will only draw ourselves to it.

Open the oven too early and the cake won’t be ready yet.

  • Nothing happens before the time and if it does and it is rushed, it wont be produced effectively and it will be… shit to be frank.

Forgiveness is like a plaster over a wound.

>> ______________ ( insert your own personal explanation )

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