Let me tell you a little something about these FAUX LOCS

If there was an award for the blogger who is the most indecisive when it comes to her hairstyles and being less creative, I think that award would be mine, each time.

With loads of iffing and butting about whether or not I would get faux locs I eventually did it for my 21ST birthday, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made: HAIRSTYLE WISE. Even though there is a strong love and hate relationship between me and this hair on my head, I love it.

One thing I would say though, it was heavy as heck when I first got it done (not for the faint necked) My faux locs are quite big so that may be a playing factor but boy oh boy was it heavy! Going to sleep comfortably is a joke lol and trying to tie it up; for-get-about-it loool. You need one of them big ole’ headbands we used to rock on the front of our foreheads back in year 7 hahaha. I can’t speak for the slimmer faux locs but I doubt people experience these similar problems with them.

I decided to go for colour this time just because I hadn’t had colour in a long let me emphasis that, a LONG time.

If I ever had colour, the majority of my head would be black with some colour. I rarely ever went for a full head of extensions with colour and trying this kicked me out my comfort zone.Which I’m glad it did.

This year I’m gonna start experimenting with different styles colours and just going away from my usual stuff ! I usually wear my hair in a finger coiled hairstyle when my hair isn’t in extensions or if I’m not wearing weave. Which I also have not had in what feels like decades.

I’m in love with the concept of wigs and being able to back it off when my head gets too hot or just taking it off just because… TRUST me I have no shame I’d take my wig off every and anywhere LOL. My sister being the wig connoisseur that she is will definitely be the person I go to when I’m ready to break my wig-ginity.

My friend who did then for me told me I could have them in for 2-3 months which is good considering it took 6 hours to do, it better last LOL

What do you think? Have you guys ever had faux locs before ? Did you experience itching, or is that just me… let me know !

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