In July-August 2017 I had the experience of visiting the beautiful island of Jamaica for 2 weeks with my mum and my sister.

At the time that I was out there I didn’t blog during any part of my trip and share it with you all, but I absolutely loved it.

Looking at this picture you would probably think ‘naah, she’s not enjoying it, look at her face.’ HA!

Let me explain *Kevin Hart voice*

(In this picture I was at Little Dunns River Beach & the feeling of the water pounding on my back left me in a hypnotic trance, and was captured on camera)

I come from a caribbean background. My father is Jamaican, my mother was born here in the U.K. but her parents are also from Jamaica. So visiting made me feel closer to my roots.

When I tell you the country is absolutely beautiful, it is GORGEOUS. I have nothing else to compare it to because I haven’t been to any other Caribbean country (yet) but from what I’ve seen it is absolutely amazing… I love my country and after visiting it made me rep it harder than before. Not that I prance around shouting that I’m Jamaican or anything but when carnival comes up, trust me, I will be decked out in Jamaican attire.

Now. The GLOW that my skin received from just stepping off the plane was crazy ! My skin has never looked so good ! The sun was literally laughing at me when I put make up on; (which was 2-3 times) I had to wipe my face off each time I wore it.

Hopefully, when I go back I’ll go for longer and spend time with my family when I fly out.

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