My weekend was great, how about you ?

I’ve literally had the most busiest few days over the weekend ( this blog post is 3-4 days too late but that’s not the point LOL) Last week friday it was my friends birthday and she decided to go to satay bar in Brixton and it was absolutely lovely. I didn’t get to take any cute pictures of the food so I’ll cheekily insert my friends pictures of their food ( I didn’t get

to order anything because I was late, as per) We decided to go to her’s after where some more friends would be coming over, drink a bit of alcohol and the plan was to go to two clubs that night. a MASSIVE FAIL! My friend was in bed before we left the house LOL so I decided to head to Aqum, a party in South London,Clapham which my friend had originally invited me to.

This is the only picture amongst a bunch of videos that I was able to take, I don’t look too drunk in this picture so I give myself props ! *Note to self; only take pictures in the heels you came in – end note*

Now, only God knows how I made it home, UBER was £8 to get from Vauxhall to my destination and sorry… I wasn’t trying to spend that when the bus is £1.50 for a 15 minute drive. NO THANKS. I proceeded to shamelessly take off my makeup on the bus along with glances from this guy sitting opposite me. Stepped inside around 4AM.

The next day was my little brothers 10th birthday so my family came and we went to flip out which is basically a trampoline park and it’s big kid friend; which I am !

Back to uni now… hardly any fun and games there, but with that being said, I appreciate nights out a lot more than I ever did!

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