Hey GUYS, what’s up !!

On Monday I don’t know what most of you guys do on your Monday’s, whether it’s going to work,going out to eat or just simply staying at home to relax ! Luckily for me I don’t have uni in Monday’s so I’m able to relax for a bit before getting too bored and finding something to do !

I stayed at my friend Alphas house along with our friend Tino the night before we contemplated getting some wine, why? Because apart from water it’s one of the best beverages but did that happen ? NO. The idea of leaving the house and walking all the way down the road, was tiring in itself, so we ended up just going to sleep.

Check out my comfy night outfit, courtesy of Alpha’s closet.

I’m going to keep it real with you (because I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t) but who knew cleaning your teeth with your flannel with a smiley piecing would be so difficult (I forgot my toothbrush don’t judge me)


I decided I needed to go to the gym within my uni accommodation to keep up the momentum that I’ve had in the past few weeks. The gym honestly motivates me more than it ever has to be honest.

The treadmill is my bestieeee, and that’s what I usually go on first but I decided to try something new just to switch it up a bit by starting with some stretches and working on my legs and my abs today. Doing 3 sets of 20 Russian twists are NO JOKE ! I damn near passed out!


Usually after the gym I don’t like to eat anything too heavy and so I decided to have a pitta bread sandwich with egg. I used my sandwich toaster which I got from Wilko which I think only cost me £5-£7 which is a bargain and I’m all for a great bargain! #bargainbaby

Now I would show y’all a visual of my meal… but it was not pleasing to the eye…especially when hot sauce is thrown in the mix!! I assure you though, it was BANGING!

My day ended with me slaving away at a computer with hopes of me completing my assignment before the deadline comes shooting around the corner!

How do you enjoy spending your days ? Are you more chilled out than me on your day off or do you run around like me ?


Let me know in my comment section.

Until the next post my beautiful people !!


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