So I have a new found obsession which I think is reasonable especially with the way the weather has recently been here in the UK.

These coats that I’ve bought have been the best investments I have made. In late December early January, I bought 5 coats from Misguided ( but ended up returning 3 because they didn’t suit me ) and usually I’m the type of person to want to wear my waist length coats anywhere I went. Whether it’s cold, warm, raining even in the snow. But now, these long coats have completely put a block and delete on the cold making it damn near impossible to get to me.

These are… my coatsss…

1. Missguided Black Longline Colour Block Puffer Jacket.

INTRODUCING, my ALL time favourite plastic bag coat HAHA. I’m not going to lie when I first got this coat that was my exact impressions, but that’s not a bad thing. Ever since I purchased this coat it has been my go to! I wear it almost everyday especially if I’m not going anywhere spectacular , it’s great if you’re just going down the road or to the corner shop. You can’t go wrong ! This coat has been my go to since I’ve purchased it and I wear it with almost anything. I got this coat in a size 10 because I knew a size 12 would look humongous on me especially because of the way the style was.

2. Missguided: Brown Camo hybrid Padded Jacket.

This coat absolutely compliments my hair colour. I’m going to keep it real, the fur on the hood is absolutely lovely. I won’t lie, it’s not the softest in the world but it does the job by adding a bit of back bone to the coat. What’s not to like, 1. It’s a camo ( you will see another camo in a few minutes) and 2. It’s a bomber jacket ! Double whammy !!

3. Short Camo Bomber Jacket

I didn’t actually purchase this for, it was actually given to me by a f owns who owns her own boutique and her vendor gave her one coat extra which she did not need and it cam into my possession. Now, you can’t go wrong with a camo coat.

4. Zara

This coat isn’t as casual as the other coats but it’s one that I’ve been wearing quite often. The outside of the coat feels almost close to suede and I haven’t worn it out in the rain yet so I’m unsure how it sustains in the rain. But gurrrrlllllll…. let’s talk about the inside of the coat is amazingly soft!!!! AMAZINGLY SOFT!!!!!! I know that’s what sold me completely when it came to buying this coat. Even though the coat is short, the fur inside provides enough insulation for me to keep warm PLUS the quality is incredible also.

I hope you guys loved my coats as much as I do. Please like and comment on my post and I’ll see y’all on another post!!

Peacee x

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