Let me introduce myself..

My name is Savannah Brown, WHATS UPPPP ! I am 21 year old and I’m from London. South London !

Growing up I’ve always loved reading, writing and being on camera. Mind you I have always been into filming mini videos at home( of course they weren’t called vlogs at the time, they were just videos I made for the fun of it)  When my Godmother bought me a pink and white, camera I brought it with me everywhere. I took pictures on it, I recorded videos, you name it, I DID IT! Even till this day I have the mini videos that I recorded oh so long ago. From being a people person and always wanting to interact with people, making sure that choosing a career the field that allows me to do so only makes sens, don’t you agree?

Currently I’m at University studying Journalism and to be completely honest with you.  I would have never gone to uni if I realised there were so many other routes that I could alternative drift towards rather than taking the educational route, because between me and you (I’m not the most academic person in the world) enjoy doing things hands on and getting down and dirty. But trust me, it has been a JOURNEY !

Let me not ramble on and bore the living day lights out of you (trust me I could go on all day if ya let me 😉





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