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Hey my name is Savannah Brown, a journalism student and Content creator with an interest in chatting and writing. My blog is basically going to be a venting platform for me, chatting about topics that seriously matter to be. I've been told that I give good advice ( not sure how true that is ) so I will most likely be posting about topics that same people struggle with and just basically share my view on it. I believe positivity makes the world go around ( so does love) so hopefully at one stage I will be able to enlightened and lift someones spirits whenever they read my blog...


So I have a new found obsession which I think is reasonable especially with the way the weather has recently been here in the UK.

These coats that I’ve bought have been the best investments I have made. In late December early January, I bought 5 coats from Misguided ( but ended up returning 3 because they didn’t suit me ) and usually I’m the type of person to want to wear my waist length coats anywhere I went. Whether it’s cold, warm, raining even in the snow. But now, these long coats have completely put a block and delete on the cold making it damn near impossible to get to me.

These are… my coatsss…

1. Missguided Black Longline Colour Block Puffer Jacket.

INTRODUCING, my ALL time favourite plastic bag coat HAHA. I’m not going to lie when I first got this coat that was my exact impressions, but that’s not a bad thing. Ever since I purchased this coat it has been my go to! I wear it almost everyday especially if I’m not going anywhere spectacular , it’s great if you’re just going down the road or to the corner shop. You can’t go wrong ! This coat has been my go to since I’ve purchased it and I wear it with almost anything. I got this coat in a size 10 because I knew a size 12 would look humongous on me especially because of the way the style was.

2. Missguided: Brown Camo hybrid Padded Jacket.

This coat absolutely compliments my hair colour. I’m going to keep it real, the fur on the hood is absolutely lovely. I won’t lie, it’s not the softest in the world but it does the job by adding a bit of back bone to the coat. What’s not to like, 1. It’s a camo ( you will see another camo in a few minutes) and 2. It’s a bomber jacket ! Double whammy !!

3. Short Camo Bomber Jacket

I didn’t actually purchase this for, it was actually given to me by a f owns who owns her own boutique and her vendor gave her one coat extra which she did not need and it cam into my possession. Now, you can’t go wrong with a camo coat.

4. Zara

This coat isn’t as casual as the other coats but it’s one that I’ve been wearing quite often. The outside of the coat feels almost close to suede and I haven’t worn it out in the rain yet so I’m unsure how it sustains in the rain. But gurrrrlllllll…. let’s talk about the inside of the coat is amazingly soft!!!! AMAZINGLY SOFT!!!!!! I know that’s what sold me completely when it came to buying this coat. Even though the coat is short, the fur inside provides enough insulation for me to keep warm PLUS the quality is incredible also.

I hope you guys loved my coats as much as I do. Please like and comment on my post and I’ll see y’all on another post!!

Peacee x


Hey GUYS, what’s up !!

On Monday I don’t know what most of you guys do on your Monday’s, whether it’s going to work,going out to eat or just simply staying at home to relax ! Luckily for me I don’t have uni in Monday’s so I’m able to relax for a bit before getting too bored and finding something to do !

I stayed at my friend Alphas house along with our friend Tino the night before we contemplated getting some wine, why? Because apart from water it’s one of the best beverages but did that happen ? NO. The idea of leaving the house and walking all the way down the road, was tiring in itself, so we ended up just going to sleep.

Check out my comfy night outfit, courtesy of Alpha’s closet.

I’m going to keep it real with you (because I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t) but who knew cleaning your teeth with your flannel with a smiley piecing would be so difficult (I forgot my toothbrush don’t judge me)


I decided I needed to go to the gym within my uni accommodation to keep up the momentum that I’ve had in the past few weeks. The gym honestly motivates me more than it ever has to be honest.

The treadmill is my bestieeee, and that’s what I usually go on first but I decided to try something new just to switch it up a bit by starting with some stretches and working on my legs and my abs today. Doing 3 sets of 20 Russian twists are NO JOKE ! I damn near passed out!


Usually after the gym I don’t like to eat anything too heavy and so I decided to have a pitta bread sandwich with egg. I used my sandwich toaster which I got from Wilko which I think only cost me £5-£7 which is a bargain and I’m all for a great bargain! #bargainbaby

Now I would show y’all a visual of my meal… but it was not pleasing to the eye…especially when hot sauce is thrown in the mix!! I assure you though, it was BANGING!

My day ended with me slaving away at a computer with hopes of me completing my assignment before the deadline comes shooting around the corner!

How do you enjoy spending your days ? Are you more chilled out than me on your day off or do you run around like me ?


Let me know in my comment section.

Until the next post my beautiful people !!


My weekend was great, how about you ?

I’ve literally had the most busiest few days over the weekend ( this blog post is 3-4 days too late but that’s not the point LOL) Last week friday it was my friends birthday and she decided to go to satay bar in Brixton and it was absolutely lovely. I didn’t get to take any cute pictures of the food so I’ll cheekily insert my friends pictures of their food ( I didn’t get

to order anything because I was late, as per) We decided to go to her’s after where some more friends would be coming over, drink a bit of alcohol and the plan was to go to two clubs that night. a MASSIVE FAIL! My friend was in bed before we left the house LOL so I decided to head to Aqum, a party in South London,Clapham which my friend had originally invited me to.

This is the only picture amongst a bunch of videos that I was able to take, I don’t look too drunk in this picture so I give myself props ! *Note to self; only take pictures in the heels you came in – end note*

Now, only God knows how I made it home, UBER was £8 to get from Vauxhall to my destination and sorry… I wasn’t trying to spend that when the bus is £1.50 for a 15 minute drive. NO THANKS. I proceeded to shamelessly take off my makeup on the bus along with glances from this guy sitting opposite me. Stepped inside around 4AM.

The next day was my little brothers 10th birthday so my family came and we went to flip out which is basically a trampoline park and it’s big kid friend; which I am !

Back to uni now… hardly any fun and games there, but with that being said, I appreciate nights out a lot more than I ever did!


In July-August 2017 I had the experience of visiting the beautiful island of Jamaica for 2 weeks with my mum and my sister.

At the time that I was out there I didn’t blog during any part of my trip and share it with you all, but I absolutely loved it.

Looking at this picture you would probably think ‘naah, she’s not enjoying it, look at her face.’ HA!

Let me explain *Kevin Hart voice*

(In this picture I was at Little Dunns River Beach & the feeling of the water pounding on my back left me in a hypnotic trance, and was captured on camera)

I come from a caribbean background. My father is Jamaican, my mother was born here in the U.K. but her parents are also from Jamaica. So visiting made me feel closer to my roots.

When I tell you the country is absolutely beautiful, it is GORGEOUS. I have nothing else to compare it to because I haven’t been to any other Caribbean country (yet) but from what I’ve seen it is absolutely amazing… I love my country and after visiting it made me rep it harder than before. Not that I prance around shouting that I’m Jamaican or anything but when carnival comes up, trust me, I will be decked out in Jamaican attire.

Now. The GLOW that my skin received from just stepping off the plane was crazy ! My skin has never looked so good ! The sun was literally laughing at me when I put make up on; (which was 2-3 times) I had to wipe my face off each time I wore it.

Hopefully, when I go back I’ll go for longer and spend time with my family when I fly out.

Let me tell you a little something about these FAUX LOCS

If there was an award for the blogger who is the most indecisive when it comes to her hairstyles and being less creative, I think that award would be mine, each time.

With loads of iffing and butting about whether or not I would get faux locs I eventually did it for my 21ST birthday, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made: HAIRSTYLE WISE. Even though there is a strong love and hate relationship between me and this hair on my head, I love it.

One thing I would say though, it was heavy as heck when I first got it done (not for the faint necked) My faux locs are quite big so that may be a playing factor but boy oh boy was it heavy! Going to sleep comfortably is a joke lol and trying to tie it up; for-get-about-it loool. You need one of them big ole’ headbands we used to rock on the front of our foreheads back in year 7 hahaha. I can’t speak for the slimmer faux locs but I doubt people experience these similar problems with them.

I decided to go for colour this time just because I hadn’t had colour in a long let me emphasis that, a LONG time.

If I ever had colour, the majority of my head would be black with some colour. I rarely ever went for a full head of extensions with colour and trying this kicked me out my comfort zone.Which I’m glad it did.

This year I’m gonna start experimenting with different styles colours and just going away from my usual stuff ! I usually wear my hair in a finger coiled hairstyle when my hair isn’t in extensions or if I’m not wearing weave. Which I also have not had in what feels like decades.

I’m in love with the concept of wigs and being able to back it off when my head gets too hot or just taking it off just because… TRUST me I have no shame I’d take my wig off every and anywhere LOL. My sister being the wig connoisseur that she is will definitely be the person I go to when I’m ready to break my wig-ginity.

My friend who did then for me told me I could have them in for 2-3 months which is good considering it took 6 hours to do, it better last LOL

What do you think? Have you guys ever had faux locs before ? Did you experience itching, or is that just me… let me know !

these are my lessons

this list is in no way in order of importance. I have just thrown them out there in an attempt to hopefully reach y’all what you’ve probably not been taught before. Also this is a broad list, there are no directives to each subject.

Just thought the New Years is coming so I may as well reflect a lil’ bit about what I’ve learned in TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEEENNNN…

When it comes to getting sh*t done, be time efficient & time realistic.

  • I would always assume that I would be able to finish my work load on a matter of 2-4 hours and be shocked to find that I end up spending 2-4 days working on it.

No. Your diary does not have to be written in every single day.

  • When it came to writing in my diary, I always thought writing in my diary every single day as the correct way to write.

This gradually became a chore rather than doing it because I genuinely wanted to. It felt forced.

Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing.

  • Over the past year, I borrowed money to people as if I was a bank. I’m not saying that I won’t be doing it again, but I understand the importance of not lending money to unreliable people (just being honest)

Be careful what you allow enter your eye gates

  • When my uncle was teaching me to drive I he would always tell me to never look at the vehicles on the other side of the road because where my eyes were focused on was where I was going to be heading. This is like life, if we keep our eyes on positive / negative things, we will only draw ourselves to it.

Open the oven too early and the cake won’t be ready yet.

  • Nothing happens before the time and if it does and it is rushed, it wont be produced effectively and it will be… shit to be frank.

Forgiveness is like a plaster over a wound.

>> ______________ ( insert your own personal explanation )

the melancholy feeling of turning TWENTY-ONE

On Wednesday gone, the 27th December I turned 21.

I woke up on the day and felt overwhelmed with emotion to the point that I mistook it for being upset/depressed about me venturing into the adult world. For a minute I believe it was definitely not a mistake and I was seriously sad. I was recognise that I am blessed beyond measure to have reached such a milestone in my life but at the same time it was just too much to take in all at once.

My sister in law even said to me that half way into the year it will have sunk in and I will realise I’m getting older.

I laughed to my boyfriend because little did she know I already had that moment of feeling shocked and the realisation had sunken in when I woke up on the morning of my birthday. Even when the clock struck 00:00 and messages were being sent to my phone wishing me a happy birthday I found myself emphasising the fact that I was born at 1:27AM and I would not be accepting birthday wishes any time soon…

For 1 hr 27 mins I tried my hardest to hang onto my last moments of being 20 years old because it was such a bittersweet moment for me.

Bitter because, c’mon, who wants to get older… in a sense where there are more responsibilities and more expectations thrown onto you with no handbook or guidelines to tell you where and what the fuck to do etc etc

And sweet because of the simple ability of being able to mature, progression, more life yada yada yada…

In all honesty. I’m shook. I’m apprehensive. But I’m

Excited to see where 21 will take me… shit; I can even go to America and do shots now, HEEEYY !!

Gonna have to start officially getting ready to move out of my parents home after I finish uni.

Buy a home. Start a family. Indulge in a career I’m in love with.

Wow; it is a bit much to be honest. But I’m a strong young woman and I will- no I CAN do it.


So. I’ve been in the position of transition in my life during my time away from blogging. I’ve gone through a lot and really have been shown what rough times are genuinely like in these past few months ( August- November to be precious ) nonetheless I’ll let you know that I am 100% stronger than what I was before I can definitely vouch for that !

It has been a wonderful experience regardless of the tears that I cried and the emotional rollercoaster that I was in.

I say ‘wonderful’ not because it was pleasurable at all but I understood that the bad will breed good. Which is my strength.

Don’t get me wrong, I did a whole lot of smiling in the process but the strength that I have at this present time will definitely allow me to handle trials and tribulations later on down the line ALOT better.

In life we have to be receptive to tough times just because they’re inevitable.

If you’re planning on living under a rock to avoid them, let’s be real, that’s unrealistic.

Facing problems head on is the best thing to do; even though there will be times when you don’t even want to get out of bed. I’ve been there, trust me.

With this being said, I want to become transparent with my readers so that we can effectively relate on a deeper level.

Keeping up with appearances..

Wow.. honestly I can say that I have not been on my blog in the longest of whiles! I would blame that on uni, but that’s not a good enough excuse so I’ll blame it on my lack of 100% commitment and just honestly not know what to blog about.. soz.These past few months leading up till now have been quite tiring but I’ve also learnt a lot in quite a short space of time. Okay so let me give you a run down of what’s taken place in the past few months at uni. Let me mention, staying in halls is a place where you really come to grips and understand that not everyone was brought up with the same values and morals as you (myself) and my own level of hygiene and learning how to keep things around me clean and tidy is completely different to others.

Being in an environment where you have to put up with other people’s rubbish (literally), out of date sponges and dirty pots and pans with decades worth of mold on it ( Ok. I’m exaggerating a bit now) really helps you to build a stronger and thicker character, honestly it does! Even having my food stolen three times in the last 8 months has helped me understand that strangers can’t be trusted.. simple as.  But hey, I can only be grateful for the lessons I have learnt and I can share it with others who may stay in halls. 

Growth in the struggle

My lecturer made a quote made by a graduate at their graduation ceremony, and he quoted ‘ if you’re not struggling, you’re not growing’ and this really resonated with me.  He distinctively brought this up due to a number of us in his class struggling with what is going on in his lesson and some of the things that we’re being taught. In essence, what I took from this particular lesson was hat no matter how much you’re struggling, we’ve all got to start of somewhere.. no matter what the task may be. Learning another language, learning a new skill, it may all start of rocky and the struggle may be complicated and a bit of a problem at first but as time goes on everything come with ease.. especially with time.